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Scott Delucchi

Scott Delucchi

Welcome Murray!

Saturday, April 03, 2010
Meet Murray, the one pictured above with more gray hair, who became part of our family a few weeks ago.  Like so many other great animals, he was surrendered to PHS/SPCA by a family no longer able to care for him. We don’t know exactly what he is other than male, dog, medium-sized and approximately two years old.  His breed has people intrigued.  I’ve heard a dozen guesses including Portuguese Water Dog, Italian Spinone (which I thought was ice cream), Schnauzer, Golden Doodle, and German Wire-Hair Pointer.  If I split the difference – geographically – we have a Basque Water Doodle and I’m sticking with that to give the snooty dog people something to chew on. Regardless of his mix of breeds, country of origin or flavors, he’s a good, healthy boy who is extremely tolerant of our daughter, which was our number one priority.  Murray and Audrey are quite simpatico for a pair of two-year-olds under the same roof.  It doesn’t hurt that she’s generous with dog treats (and spills plenty more) and that he mostly puts up with occasional ear or tail tugs.  She may look at him like a toy right now and he sees her as a giant walking Pez dispenser, but it’s working with our close supervision. We’re in obedience school, which I’d recommend for anyone. We like to say that dog training is as much for the owner as the dog and I can use the refresher. As far as accidents inside the house, the scorecard is at zero.  He’s had one (our fault), but made another go away when he pulled a dirty diaper out of the nursery garbage and snacked! We saw parts of that diaper again when he did his business in the yard. As those of us who have them know, caring for a dog ain’t always pretty!
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