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Scott Delucchi

Scott Delucchi

Keep Cat Healthy
Tuesday, April 26, 2016
If you want a dose of absolute cuteness, check out our Facebook page. Last Friday, we posted a short video clip of two kitties currently in foster care doing what kittens do best –...

Responding to Bites
Wednesday, April 20, 2016
I was thinking about this today while stuck in traffic (thanks, San Mateo Bridge rubberneckers!). Most people know what to do when they are involved in a traffic accident. Pull over to a safe spot, exchange phone and insurance information with the other motorist/s, jot down the make, model and license plate of the other vehicle, and if there is any doubt as to fault, contact the police to help sort matters.  How about a dog bite or attack? If you or your child ...

Friday, April 08, 2016
My family and extended family celebrates the addition of babies and pets. Two months ago, my adult niece adopted a 3-year-old dog we’re guessing could be a Dachshund/Yorkie mix. Percy, the possible Dorkie, is a dream. ...

Monday, April 04, 2016
When did we first begin using POTUS to refer to the president?  Is the first lady FLOTUS? What about the president’s pet…would that be POPOTUS?  PHS/SPCA is no stranger to abbreviations and although we try not to use them with the public, we slip up every now and then.  A Chi, for example, is a Chihuahua and a GSD is a German Shepherd dog. ...

Monday, March 28, 2016
Catios are all the rage.  My brother has one, and he’s allergic to cats! In fact, his catio will be featured in what I believe is the state’s first organized catio tour on April 16.  As the tour’s printed materials state, “Take the tour and be inspired by the...

Safe Pets
Monday, March 21, 2016
Victims of domestic abuse have two terrible choices when it comes to their pets’ considerations.  Some remain in abusive situations, fearful of what their abuser might do to their pet if they leave. Those who leave the ...

March Madness
Monday, March 14, 2016
Some of our adoption promotions are tailor made. Take our St. Pitty's Day celebration, for example.  Around this time last year, we turned St. Patrick's Day into St. Pitty's Day, and waived adoption fees for – you guessed it -- ...

Friday, March 04, 2016
On time, under budget.  One doesn’t often hear those words associated with big construction projects.  But, if you picked up the Daily Journal last Wednesday, you likely noticed the front page ...

Monday, February 29, 2016
I’m a day late for this special, Oscars edition of my weekly pet tip column. But, since Hollywood writers are just now writing their post-mortems about last night’s big show, ...

Kitty Litter Box
Monday, February 22, 2016
Anyone have an old claw foot bathtub to donate?  We’re seeking one for a new interactive display inside the Peninsula Humane Society’s Humane House, the walk-in miniature house on the second floor of our Center for Compassion. ...

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