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staff columns

Ken White

Ken White
Internet? Maybe Inter-Not

Strangers often asked about Archie "what is he?" certain my handsome mutt was some rare breed. I once answered, completely straight-faced, "Lithuanian Water Collie" which earned the following response: "Oh! I read about them on-line!" How reliable is the Internet's animal info?


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Scott Delucchi

Scott Delucchi
Goodbye Part 2
For my final column, I want to say thanks. Thanks for reading and sharing my column and thanks for using the advice I’ve offered.  Thanks for suggesting topics and thanks for letting me know when I’ve hit the ....GO

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Lindsay Reynolds

Lindsay Reynolds
Bells on Cats
I was speaking with someone from a local Audubon Society and we got on the subject of outdoor cats. "People need to bell their cats," she said. I'm guessing many of you haven't hear bell used as a verb. ....GO

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volunteer columns

Marilyn Kreiger Marilyn Kreiger
Hiding Under the Bed
Dear Cat Coach,
My new little female kitty is hiding under the bed. She only comes out at night to eat the food I leave out for her and to use the cat box. If it wasnt for the reduction....GO

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